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Lika is a songwriter, singer and guitarist. It was in Kazakhstan that at age 11, she began her true passion for music when her uncle taught her the strange and entrancing FA Sharp, the first of many chords she learned and soon found in the first song he played for her - Fool on the Hill of the Beatles. Soon afterwards she dreamed of being a professional musician and entered the N54 Music School in Almaty where she studied Classical Guitar for 4 years and at the age of 14 she created her first rock band with only originals.

Although she finished the University of Economics, music was her true passion and soon joined Tchaikovsky Almaty Music College.
During the musical studies she participated in many festivals and musical contests. After finishing her studies, she worked as a teacher at Almaty Jazz School, created her band of originals and made national and international tours.
Although everything was in a fantastic way, in September 2015 she decided that it would be the moment to leave the comfort zone and head to explore new sonorities, latitudes and passions. On a casual trip to Portugal, she met Portuguese musicians who challenged her to stay in Portugal and then she started to have Jazz Guitar at the Hot Club of Lisbon (the oldest Jazz Club still in functions of Europe), and although at the beginning the plan was to stay only a few months, quickly the passion for music was accompanied by a passion for the Jacarandas trees, by Lisbon and by Portugal. These arrangements made her inspirations flow into melodies composed of various tastes and tones, where her originals are sung in English, Portuguese, Russian or Kazakh.
Having Portugal as a base, her music is from across borders. Lika has different musical projects. Stay tuned and follow her work.



Whenever you are faithful to art,
      you are faithful to yourself.

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